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Teen Dating Violence Awareness at Shepherd's Door

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According to the World health organization youth violence refers to violence that occurs among individuals aged 10–29 years who are unrelated and who may or may not know each other. It generally takes place outside of the home. It includes a range of acts from bullying, both offline and online, and physical fighting, to more severe sexual and physical assault, gang-related violence, or homicide. Youth violence results in deaths, injuries, disability, and long-term health consequences including mental health problems and increased health-risk behaviors, which can lead to chronic diseases. It is further associated with higher rates of school-dropouts, negative impacts on cognitive development and opportunities to contribute to their communities.


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationship Education Workshops

Target Audience: Middle School and High School Youth

Program Overview

The "Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationship Education" program aims to equip middle school and high school students with the knowledge and skills to recognize and foster healthy relationships. This program will cover key concepts, provide interactive activities, and offer practical tools to help youth identify and address unhealthy relationship behaviors.


Why Healthy Relationship Education is Important for Preventing Community Violence?

Healthy relationship education plays a crucial role in preventing community violence by equipping individuals, especially youth, with the knowledge and skills to build and maintain respectful and non-violent relationships. 

Healthy relationship education is a proactive approach to preventing community violence. By teaching respect, communication, boundary-setting, empathy, and conflict resolution, these programs empower individuals to create and maintain non-violent, supportive relationships. This, in turn, builds stronger, safer communities where violence is less likely to take root. Investing in healthy relationship education is investing in the future well-being of our society.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Linda Offray

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We believe that raising awareness is paramount to breaking the cycle of domestic violence within families and reducing overall violence in our community. Join us in our mission to empower the next generation and foster healthy relationships.

Linda Offray

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