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Meet the Directors

Linda Offray, Chief Executive Director and Tunisia Offray, Co-Director

Linda Offray, CEO of Shepherd’s Door, transformed her pain and anger into purpose 23 years ago while working as a full-time case manager and outreach worker. This role revealed the urgent need for education and support for victims in unhealthy marriages or relationships, even though domestic violence wasn’t widely discussed at the time.

Facilitating Social Support and Empowerment Women Groups for a decade, Linda discovered the extent of violence occurring in the homes of many group members. Simultaneously, her own daughter faced Teen Dating Violence, a term not commonly acknowledged back then.

Motivated by personal experiences, Linda sought education and training in domestic violence to comprehend its dynamics and provide assistance. Fueled by the challenges faced with her daughter, she initiated a non-profit organization aimed at serving victims, providing resources, and raising awareness about domestic violence.

Driven by research, education, and personal growth, Linda pursued and obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Shepherd’s Door, the non-profit organization she founded, has since assisted thousands of families in escaping abuse, finding refuge, and reclaiming their lives.

Linda’s daughter, Tunisia, now a survivor, uses her voice to educate and empower others, advocating for self-love and empowerment without shame. Shepherd’s Door actively contributes to life-changing results, emphasizing the belief that knowledge is power and education is the key to breaking the cycle of abuse. The organization focuses on teaching men, women, and youth about healthy relationships, effective communication, and expressing oneself without resorting to anger.

Tunisia Offray, Co-Director originally from New Orleans, embraced California as her home at the age of 8, relocating with her family. A graduate of John Muir High School in Pasadena, she majored in business administration at the University of Phoenix. In 2008, guided by her commitment to placing God first and family second, Tunisia transitioned to entrepreneurship, founding Offray Accounting and Bookkeeping Services and Prestige Insurance and Financial Services as a single mother of four.

Tunisia, a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, co-founded Shepherd’s Door Domestic
Violence Resource Center, offering survivor-based insights in court-mandated classes and
youth education programs. In 2009, she established Women, Wealth, Warriors, supporting women entrepreneurs. The annual Women, Wealth, Warriors Luncheon honors business excellence.
Entering the entertainment industry as an executive producer, Tunisia left her mark with
films like “Pierre Jackson” and “I Left My Girl for Regina Jones,” aspiring to follow influential
women in the field.

Honored at events like the San Fernando Women in Business Luncheon, Los Angeles
Women in Business Summit, and featured in various media outlets, Tunisia is a
distinguished domestic violence advocate recognized at local, county, and state levels.
Co-author of AB304, addressing DV Batters program reform, Tunisia’s advocacy work
passed the assembly in March 2023.

Inducted into the John Muir High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2023, Tunisia’s recognition coincided with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Resilient and committed, Tunisia believes in the duty to give back and be an example for young girls, emphasizing that success is always achievable. In her words, “Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it… or accept that and try to put together something good.” Tunisia Offray stands as a beacon of strength, advocacy, and community service, making a lasting impact on the lives she touches.