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Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Is there an Employment and Workplace Action Plan and Policy Advocacy Project designed to address domestic violence within the Los Angeles County area?

8 Reasons Employers Should Address Domestic Violence 

  • Domestic Violence Affects Many Employers

  • Domestic Violence is a Security and Liability Concern

  • Domestic Violence is a Performance and Productivity Concern

  • Domestic Violence is a Health Concern

  • Domestic Violence is a Management Issue

  • Employers CAN Make a Difference

  • Employee and Management Should Know the Signs of Abuse stop the hurting.

Engage business leaders, owners, and managers in the intervention and prevention of domestic violence using several approaches:

  1. Development and dissemination of model policies for local business to adopt and implement in addressing issues of domestic violence in the workplace.

  2. Train managers, supervisors and individual employees to identify domestic violence.

  3. Establish a confidential means for employers to seek resources and referrals for themselves as well as staff.

  4. The incorporation of domestic violence intervention and prevention into employee training programs

Domestic Violence in the Workplace preve
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