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Shepherd's Door Youth Peer-to-Peer Trauma-Informed Training

Shepherd's Door is committed to supporting the well-being and resilience of youth who have experienced trauma. Our Youth Peer-to-Peer Trauma-Informed Training program is specifically designed to empower young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide compassionate and effective support to their peers who have experienced trauma.

Program Objectives:

The primary objective of our training program is to equip youth with the tools and understanding needed to offer trauma-informed support to their peers. Through interactive sessions and experiential learning, participants will gain insight into trauma, its impact, and learn how to provide empathetic support within a safe and empowering framework.

Understanding Trauma

Participants will learn about different types of trauma that youth may experience, such as abuse, neglect, community violence, or loss. They will gain a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma on young individuals and their development.


Trauma-Informed Principles

Our training program will explore the fundamental principles of trauma-informed care tailored to youth, including safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment. Participants will learn how to apply these principles in their interactions with peers.


Peer Support Skills

Participants will develop essential peer support skills, including active listening, empathy, validation, and boundary setting. They will learn how to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where peers feel safe to share their experiences and feelings.


Self-Care Practices

Recognizing the importance of self-care for young peer supporters, our training program will emphasize the value of self-awareness, stress management, and setting healthy boundaries. Participants will learn practical self-care strategies to maintain their well-being while supporting peers.


Trauma-Informed Communication

Participants will learn effective communication techniques for interacting with peers in a trauma-informed manner. They will explore strategies for promoting empowerment, autonomy, and resilience in their peers.

Director w/ Group of teens


Shepherd's Door Youth Peer-to-Peer Trauma-Informed Training program empowers young individuals to become compassionate and effective peer supporters for their peers who have experienced trauma. By equipping youth with trauma-informed principles, peer support skills, and self-care practices, we aim to create a supportive and resilient community where young individuals can thrive and support each other through challenging times. Together, we can build a safer and more supportive environment for healing and growth among youth affected by trauma.

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