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Our Mission

Shepherd’s Door Mission: Empowering Lives, Breaking Cycles

At Shepherd’s Door, our mission goes beyond addressing the immediate concerns of Intimate Partner Violence; it extends to comprehensive support for victims and survivors. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse and fostering holistic healing. Our commitment includes:

Supportive Services for Victims and Survivors of Intimate Violence:
Providing tailored support to individuals affected by Intimate Partner Violence, including counseling, legal advocacy, and emotional assistance.

Wrap-around Services:
Enabling a seamless and comprehensive approach to address the multifaceted needs of survivors, ensuring their physical, emotional, and practical well-being.

Housing Support for Victims Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness:
Recognizing the urgent need for safe housing, we offer support to victims facing homelessness due to Intimate Partner Violence, facilitating their journey toward stability.

Youth Violence Prevention Workshops:
Extending our impact on schools and the community, Shepherd’s Door conducts Youth Violence Prevention Workshops. These workshops are designed to empower the younger generation with knowledge and strategies to prevent and address youth violence both in schools and the broader community.

Our Core Belief: Knowledge is Power, and Information is the Key:
At Shepherd’s Door, we firmly believe that knowledge is a potent tool for empowerment, and information serves as the key to breaking the cycles of violence. By providing comprehensive services and educational initiatives, we aim to equip individuals and communities with the understanding and tools needed to navigate the complexities of Intimate Partner Violence.

Join us in our mission to create a future where every individual can live free from the shadows of violence. At Shepherd’s Door, we are not just offering services; we are building pathways to hope, healing, and lasting change.