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Covid-19 And the Rise in Domestic Violence and Cases Of Homelessness – An Epidemic In Itself

January 28, 2022 9:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As the world continues to deal with the outbreak of covid-19 and its constant scares, victims of domestic violence and those having no home to go to to escape this deadly virus are not only suffering from physical stress and disease but that of deteriorating mental health.

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine states that cases of domestic violence around the world increased by 25-33 percent in 2020. Which, given some thought, is a pretty alarming number (one that is still on the rise).

The Impact of Covid-19 On Victims

Having to remain in lockdown meant more family time. In this case, however, it may not have been the best for all, especially women and children being exposed to stressfully violent conditions. The risk grows further when families face economic losses.

It is no wonder people are going homeless by the day. The world has basically shut down, with barely any jobs left available to earn enough (or at all) to sustain an entire household and that too while being at a high risk of contracting the virus. Tough times, aren’t these?

The existence of social distancing guidelines only made it harder for shelters to operate in aiding the homeless. How does one self-isolate if having contracted the virus when one does not have a home?

The pandemic has not just created challenges for a person’s general health, but rather one’s financial status, access to safe housing, safety within one’s home, and a lack of mental well-being.

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What Can Be Done To Help?

The world health organization (WHO) lists some measures required to protect the homeless at the time of this pandemic:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to food, shelter, water, hygiene facilities 
  • Provisions of financial support
  • Promoting solidarity

Realistically speaking, however, although this would be the best-case scenario, it is not how the world is seemingly working as of right now. There are not enough resources to meet these needs, nor are these methods completely implemented worldwide.

UN women call the intensifying domestic violence in the pandemic years to be a ‘Shadow Pandemic’, calling to the world to put in efforts to help stop it. They say that more has to be done to prioritize and address the violence against victims, especially women.

Victims do not have enough information and awareness about available services and have limited access to support services either. It’s a scary thought to have to go through such hardships and not know how to reach out for help.

[source: freepik]


Although domestic violence still existed as a prevalent issue before the covid-19 pandemic, the new situation only worsened it, leading to an increase in reported victims and less support to counter it since the world has its hands full in dealing with the pandemic as its top priority.

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